How to set seniors to a track on the calendar

May 9th, 2017

Do your seniors attend fewer days than the rest of the highschool?? If so please watch this short tutorial on how to set them to a track to reflect the difference in days of attendance


MidNebraska PowerSchool Conference 2017

April 11th, 2016

MidNebraska PowerSchool Conference 2017

July 11th & 12th

Below Links will be updated as we have information:

Presenter Resources

Conference Schedule

Building Map

Session Evaluations

Conference Evaluation

Autosend Setup

October 6th, 2015

How to setup an AutoSend record:

  1. Navigate to Start Page > System Administrator > AutoSend Setup.
  2. Click New. The AutoSend Record page appears.
  3. Name the record.
  4. Select a data source from the Data to Send popup menu:
    • Attendance – Meeting (Meeting attendance must be enabled)
    • Attendance – Daily (Daily attendance must be enabled)
    • Courses
    • Sections
    • Student schedules
    • Students
    • Teachers
  5. Use the pop up menus to determine the hour and minutes at which you want PowerSchool to automatically send data.
  6. Enter the days of the week you want the system to send records. Starting with Monday, use the following abbreviations for the days of the week: MTWHFSU.
  7. Turn Execution Off or On by doing one of the following:
    • Select this check box to stop the system from automatically exporting data.
    • Deselect this check box to turn AutoSend On.
  8. If using file transfer protocol (FTP) to export the records to the other system, enter information under Managed Connection in the following fields:
    • FTP host name
    • FTP account name
    • FTP password
    • Timeout in seconds (optional): (default is 10 seconds)

Updating Student Unique ID’s

August 24th, 2015

Below are the steps to update unique ID’s:

1.go to system reports>under state reports> select unique-ID Request file

2.Enter dates I would use 7/1/2105 to current date> hit submit

3.Download the completed file

4.Go to NDE portal, then unique ID

5.Towards upper left corner select upload file> hit browse and find your file from PS> and hit upload

6.It will take awhile to process but then will show you near matches that you have to look at

Now update the info in PS:

7.Once you have went through your near matches there will be a file that you can download (this has all the updated ID’s)

8.Download this file and go back to PS>system>page & data management>Quick import>select students table>browse to find the file (make sure suggested field map is checked)>hit import

9.Only map the key fields you want to bring in/update

SOY Reminders

August 13th, 2015

We hope this finds you well rested from a summer break! It is bittersweet to send out the Welcome Back memo as summer memories are still being made while we also prepare for a new school year. But August is here so thought we would send out some reminders to help get the year started right:

Final Grade setup

– Final Grade Setup needs to be completed so teachers can enter grades into their Gradebook:   School > Final Grades Setup

– you can setup one Final Grade and then copy it to the other schools:  System > Copy Final Grade Setups

– if your teachers are not calculating their final term grades using total points, remind them they need to go to Grade Setup in their Gradebook and setup the calculation of their final grades for each term


Current Grade Display school>current grade display
– this determines what terms grades will show in Quick Lookup and where the grade will be pulled from
– at schools where your sections are split into semesters, usually at the high school, we recommend entering “15-16” for the Parent/Student Access Term field.
– don’t forget the Mobile App Display tab
If you marked 8/1 or an earlier date as “in session”
– if you marked 8/1/2015 as in session don’t forget to go back after school starts and uncheck that box


Teachers’ Gradebook launch
– if your teachers are unable to lunch their Gradebook, have them run the Gradebook installer from PowerTeacher
– Also if you have been upgraded to version 9, the Gradebook will not run on Macs running OS 10.6 because PS needs Java 1.7 or higher



Storing Grades for just Seniors

May 15th, 2015

Now that your seniors have graduated it is a good idea to permanently store grades just for them:

  1. Need to be under the high school
  2. Under systems>Permanently store grades
  3. Fill in the first 2 (Term & Store Code) .  This will depend on how your school has courses setup may store an S2 grade and Q4 OR just S2
  4. Then under additional filters select grade level of 12
    (*note when you store grades for everyone else make sure you check all grades BUT 12th)
  5. Fill in the rest of the required info and hit submit


How to Pre-Register Students for Next School Year

April 10th, 2015

How to Pre-register Students for Next School Year

To pre-register a student for the upcoming school year, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into the appropriate school.
  2. Navigate to Start Page > School > Years & Terms and verify that the Years & Terms for the upcoming school year have been created.
  3. Change the term at the top of the page to the year term for the upcoming school year.
  4. Navigate to Start Page > Special Functions > Enroll New Student.
  5. Populate the fields. For enrollment date, enter the first day of next year’s school year. Also, verify that the grade level and school are correct for the upcoming school year.
  6. Submit the page.
  7. If you are going to be using student requests for scheduling or PowerScheduler, then set the following fields according to:
    Start Page > Student Selection > Scheduling Setup
    Next Year Grade: (Enter the grade level of the  upcoming school year. i.e. If the student was pre-registered for Grade 9, the Next Year Grade would need to be 9.)
    Next School Indicator: (choose the school they are pre-registered for the upcoming school year)
    If you are not going to be using student requests for scheduling or PowerScheduler, then set the following fields according to:
    Start Page > Student Selection > Scheduling Setup
    Next Year Grade: (Enter the grade level of the following school year. i.e. If the student was pre-registered for Grade 9, the Next Year Grade would need to be 10.)
    Next School Indicator: (choose the school they are going to be in for the following year)

Correctly pre-registering students will create a student record with an enroll status of -1 (Pre-Registered). It also creates a pending enrollment that will become active during nightly process at 12 am on the date entered on the “Enroll New Student” page. After this date, if you used student requests for scheduling or PowerScheduler, you will need to change the Next Year Grade and Next School Indicator to the following year information. i.e. If the student was pre-registered for Grade 9, the Next Year Grade would need to be 10.

Incorrect pre-registering can cause enrollment summary issues. Students that are incorrectly pre-registered may receive an enroll status of 0 (Active) and will be promoted during End-of-Year (EOY) process. They will also receive a dual enrollment and re-enrollment record resulting in duplicate numbers on the enrollment summary report.

Support for non-SSO logins will be discontinued

March 24th, 2015
Dear PowerSchool Customers,

In 2010, PowerSchool introduced Single Sign-On for PowerSchool Parent portal. Parent Single Sign-On enhances the PowerSchool Parent portal by providing parents with the ability to access all of their students’ records with a single login account.

Using Single Sign-On, parents can maintain their account preferences, email preferences, and retrieve account login information. Single Sign-On allows parents to see data on multiple students, and provides access to the PowerSchool for Parents mobile app. It also allows for seamless integration with third-party ISV partner products used in your district.

In an effort to deliver a consistent user experience, PowerSchool is focusing efforts on the PowerSchool Parent portal using Single Sign-On. Support for non-SSO logins will be discontinued.

What This Means

  • Effective as of the PowerSchool 8.4 (Back-To-School) release scheduled for June 2015, the non-SSO version of the PowerSchool Parent portal will be removed. Parents using the non-SSO version will need to create an account using their current credentials to sign in to PowerSchool.
  • iCal Support will be removed in favor of the PowerSchool for Parents and PowerSchool for Students mobile apps for iOS and Android. The mobile apps provide a far more elegant user experience for parents and students.
  • New features will be added to the PowerSchool Parent portal. Some of these features include:
    • The ability for a parent/guardian to login and add new students when only graduated students exist on the account.
    • Historical grades for past years.

MNPSC 2015 Early Bird Pricing

March 13th, 2015

Early bird pricing

Graduation Plan Setup

March 11th, 2015

Join us Wednesday March, 18th for our Graduation Plan Workshop

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