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VFT Participation Tips

The overall success of a virtual video conference is dependent on all participants.  Properly preparing for the conference includes

  1. participating in a test conference prior to the event to insure that all participating sites are compatible.
  2. preparing participants/students by completing any pre event activities related to the presentation.
  3. preparing participants/students for their role in a video conferencing event.  This is particularly important if this is the participant’s/student’s first experience in a virtual event.
  4. exposing participants/students to video conferencing technology which will allow participants/students to see themselves.

Some tips to share with conference participants about a virtual event include

? Videoconferencing is a two-way event.  Students and presenters can see and hear one another.
? Students are sometimes initially shy about responding to questions during a videoconference.  Explain to the students that this is an interactive medium and that we encourage questions.
? Questions can be handled in one of two ways:

o Educators may choose to moderate students‚ questions and answers.
o Educators may choose to furnish each student a sheet of paper with a number or letter of the alphabet printed on it˜in a large font and in bold.  When students have a question or want to respond to a question, they simply hold up the sheet of paper and wait to be recognized by the presenter.

? Students should speak in a loud, clear voice.  If a microphone is placed in a central location, instruct the students to walk up and speak into the microphone.
? Students should remain quiet while others are talking.  The microphones pick up background noise, and this can be very distracting.
? Students are representing their schools; they should be on their best behavior.
? Students should be prepared to give brief presentations, ask questions, and respond to presenters.