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CILC Registration

Follow these steps in setting up an account at CILC:

  1. Go to the link of the event you are interested in participating (i.e.
  2. That will take you to the CILC site.  Here you will need to set up an account – no charge for the account.  (I would suggest that the teacher/technology support person who assists in video conference activities do this for your school to simplify future requests.)  You will now have an account at
  3. After you are logged in, it will take you to the web based lesson page.
  4. Before you complete this registration form for participating in the lesson, you will need to “Get a PIN”- top of the page.  Go through the steps for getting a PIN.  Your PIN will be emailed to you and you will use this number if you wish to participate in future conferences.  Note that CILC does have some services for a fee.
  5. After you have the PIN, find your program on the drop down list and select it.
  6. Go to the bottom of that page, and again select “request program now” and then complete the form.  If you are an ESU school, the service type connection is both I2 and IP.
  7. When selecting the way you wish the course to be delivered, you can choose a) interactive, b) interactive but will take view or c) view only.
  8. After submitting your request, CILC will reply back to you to indicate if they can accomodate your request.
  9. If they can accomodate your request, they will probably ask for your IP address and will also plan a test date.