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In December, 2010, I posted to the Art Listserv the following message:

I am John Stritt and I work at ESU 10/Kearney as the distance education (video conferencing) coordinator for schools in ESU 10 and 11.  Yesterday we had art teachers at ESU 10 and I shared that the video conferencing technology they have at their schools provide them and their students an avenue for accessing presenters and their art resources.

Some suggestions/interests they shared included pottery, clas, kiln, glass blowing, 3D, screen printing, and print making.

In the email I requested feedback from members of the art listserv on the following topics:

  1. If you have taken virtual field trips (video conferenced) related to your art programs at your school, please share about such programs.
  2. Have you ever thought about sharing your expertise about an art concept or project using video conferencing and if so what would be the topic?
  3. Do you have interests you would like to bring into your classrooms via video conferencing?

The following are responses I received from that request.

Response Responder
How can I set up a video conference for the topic of clay?  I am not sure if I’d be able to borrow the special AV equipment from another room, but I’m interested in trying. Gabrielle Gaines-Liwaru
I teach a Digital Art class in Lincoln Public Schools that is available for distance learning.  LPS is just starting with distance learning and so far are only offering for other schools to take our classes, but I believe they will expand to allow students to take other classes as well.  The digital art class that I offer is like an introductory class to digital graphics and some graphic design.  You can see an outline of the class as well as online tutorials I created for the class on my Art Class Website here <> Chad Petska
I want to go to or access a demonstration in batik. Laura Noecker
I’d be interested in doing some video conferencing…for students…  I teach K-5 Art in Lincoln Public Schools. I took a video conferencing course at NECC more than 14 yrs ago.  I only taught one lesson for that course.  If someone needed an elementary idea session or technique review, that would be fun for me.  I am pretty busy, though preparing for 2 National Art convention presentations in Seattle for March this year.  So this would need to be on a back burner for me…maybe in May to do one would work. Michelle HansenDaberkow
I am a printmaker and could do something on that subject. Nancy Childs
I would be interested in seeing these videos. I would be interested in seeing something on airbrush painting. Trish Hinrichs
Thank you for sharing this with us.  What valuable learning!  If you would like to write a brief article for our NATA newsletter and website, just send it to me and I will get it to the correct people to print.
Bob Reeker – NATA Co-Pres Elect
This sounds very interesting because I am in the panhandle and it is a long way for me to travel anywhere with my students.  However, I am very
technology illiterate and will need help with the process of video conferencing.
Those other media are great, but the cost of additional media (glass blowing is great, but there is no way I can justify the cost)  It would be good to see demonstrations and watch someone make art, but to build curriculuma and units around those things will be out of my budget. (glassblowing, 3D sculpture, Pottery (throwing), printmaking)  Since we do pottery, printmaking and minimal 3D, those would be great! If I were to do something significant (lesson wise) it would be our writing across the curriculum, journaling and PROPEL evaluation writing using technology.Projects related to cultures and art concepts – any of those I
would be excited to share.
Lance Wurst
Right now we are working on programs that focus on the artworks.  We would have the capabilities to take our equipment into our classrooms to do a session.  If there is the interest, I think I could make it happen.
I would like to explore various ways regarding how Joslyn may be a resource for art teachers utilizing distance learning technology.
Laura Huntimer